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Cleaning Considerations: What To Look For In A Crime Scene Clean Up Crew

Quality personnel are critical to success in any field, but never more so than with crime scene cleanings. Between the shock of seeing such horrific sites and the high stakes of biohazard remediation, such cleaning isn’t for everyone. Only by finding the most skilled, effective crime scene clean up crew can you carry out such a difficult job effectively. Thus in the wake of a violent crime or industrial accident, look for cleaning professionals who have:

A Crime Scene Clean Up Crew Should Have…

Comprehensive, Continuous Training

The single most important factor in a crime scene clean up crew’s effectiveness is the quality of their training. Your crew must clean up blood, bodily fluids, and countless other materials that endanger the health and safety of anyone who comes in contact with them.

They may also have to help with collecting evidence, cleaning up the crime scene in a way that doesn’t prevent the police from determining who is responsible. Only through extensive training can professionals learn how to keep themselves and the public safe while preserving essential evidence. This training program must also be continuous. Our understanding of health hazards is constantly changing, as are the methods police use to examine evidence; only through ongoing training can cleaning crews keep up with these developments and do their jobs effectively.

Unqualified Integrity

Considering how important the work of crime scene clean up crews is, you should never hire anyone for such a job that you do not trust completely. Whether due to negligence or to deliberate malice, such individuals could fail to clean up the crime scene correctly, thereby putting themselves and the public at risk. They may also damage evidence that police would need to solve or prosecute the crime. Only by hiring people who have proven themselves honest and reliable throughout their careers can you ensure that the scene will be cleaned effectively, and that neither the public nor the rule of law will be threatened.

Strength & Stamina

Crime scenes and industrial accidents are horrific things to behold. It’s not just the sight of blood and bodily fluids; it’s also the smell of such accidents, and the awareness of how much pain the victims’ families are in. It is hard enough to ask people to witness this; what’s even more difficult is expecting them to do a complex job carefully after seeing it. For this reason, you must select clean up professionals who have the stamina to witness horrific things without letting it impact their work.

Compassion & Empathy

Crime scene clean up crews aren’t the only people who have to witness the horrific aftermath of the crime or accident. Passersby are also likely to see it, and while it is not the job of clean up crews to console these people, many of them end up doing it anyway. The more compassionate and empathetic your crew is, the easier it will be for them to console other witnesses. Not only is that a good in itself, but it can help your clean up operations, as witnesses who have been consoled will be more likely to work with you and listen to your instructions.

In providing crime scene clean up and other hazard elimination services, Advanced Bio Solutions uses a team with all these qualifications and more. We are committed to eliminating any risk to the public, cooperating with the police, and finishing the job quickly and effectively. For more information, contact us today.