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How To Properly Manage Dental Clinic Waste Disposal

Posted on 09/15/2017 by Advanced Bio in Blog

dental clinic waste disposalWhen it comes to a dental clinic, there is far more to consider than just fixing and cleaning teeth. With the high volume of people that come in and out of a clinic and the high number of individual cases, there is an understandably high amount of waste to deal with. With the right disposal methods, however, this waste can be safely and quickly disposed of to help keep surrounding areas safe and clean.

What Type of Waste Does A Dental Clinic Make?

The most common type of waste that comes from a dental clinic is amalgam waste. This means the amalgam that is used for fillings, crowns, caps, and more. This waste is fairly small per person but does add up with each procedure that is completed. Other waste is going to be things like fixer and developer from x-ray machines. Though this might not sound all that hazardous, it is very important that it is disposed of properly to prevent any sort of radiation from leaking into the environment.

On top of that there may also be tissue, blood, other bodily fluids, swabs, dressings, syringes or needles, and even other sharp instruments that are only used once per patient. There may also be pharmaceuticals that need to be disposed of as well. These are often disposed of with the help of medical disposal services but may need special consideration dependent on the overall volume of what is being disposed of.

How is this Waste Disposed of?

The first step to proper disposal of any dental clinic waste is to take the time to properly manage the waste before it ever leaves the office. Items like syringes, needles, swabs, and anything with blood on them should be kept separate from things like typical trash bin waste. Sharps should be kept in a sharps bin so that they do not poke or injure anyone that may be working near them and they should be kept up and away from patients.

Blood and other swabs that have been in contact with a patient should be kept in a hazardous materials bag or in a biohazard bag so that they cannot cause any sort of cross contamination. Dependent on how the area that the clinic is located regulates the waste, this waste should be disposed of following proper guidelines. In most cases, clinics have been prompted on proper disposal techniques.

This waste is often disposed of using a few different disposal companies. The medical waste like syringes and dressings are going to be handled by a medical waste company that collects on a set schedule. The waste is then often incinerated to remove any possible harmful attributes and to get rid of it entirely. The x-ray waste is often disposed of with the help of a biohazard waste company that knows how to properly isolate the waste to prevent any issue and any contamination that it might cause.

Proper Dental Clinic Waste Disposal is Critical for Safety

Proper disposal is critical in any medical waste is crucial and knowing how to do so safely is a must. For the most part, dental clinics are instructed on what procedures to take and how to get rid of waste so as to keep those in the clinic and those that live near the clinic from becoming contaminated in any way. Proper disposal is not difficult if the right guidelines are followed and if careful consideration is taken to get rid of waste in the safest and fastest way possible. Contact our team at Advanced Bio Solutions today for more information on how to properly dispose of medical waste.