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Valley Cities Offer Scant Services for Diabetics, At-Home Needle Users

Posted on 05/06/2017 by Advanced Bio in Blog

3TV | CBS 5

From 3TV/CBS 5:
By Derek Staahl

Inside your neighbor’s trash bin, there could several weeks’ worth of loose syringes, needles and other medical sharps that carry the potential of transferring life-altering diseases.

It may be frowned upon, but in Arizona, that’s not against the law.

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality encourages at-home needle users to put medical sharps in a biohazard container before tossing them in the garbage to reduce the risk of accidental needle sticks. However, there is no legal requirement to do so and no penalties for violators.

“It’s scary,” said Catie Eckert, owner of the biohazard removal company Advanced Bio Solutions. “I think people in the community would be appalled to know that this is not something that’s regulated.”

Doctors’ offices, hospitals and other commercial medical facilities are required to adhere to strict techniques to ensure medical sharps are sterilized before disposal, but at-home users are exempt from the requirements.