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The Truth About AZ Ebola Protection & Decontamination

Posted on 23/10/2014 by Advanced Bio in Blog

Many people wonder: What is ebola virus? What is ebola disease? What are the symptoms of ebola?

The Ebola virus outbreak is more real than we understand, but it doesn’t have to be life-altering. Ebola is a powerful disease with exponential contagion rates, but despite what the media says about a lack of proper protection causing the outbreak to spread here in the United States, there are many trained and certified professionals with a plethora of knowledge who know how to properly safeguard themselves and decontaminate areas to prevent the spread of deadly properties.  Preparing for the worst in Arizona can help us increase our knowledge on what causes ebola in Phoenix as well as the latest news on ebola outbreak in the valley.

Medical waste disposal companies and crime scene cleanup businesses consist of these professionals. These experienced professionals work with dangerous biohazard waste on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis, and their procedures, which also follow many state and federal regulations, protect them and surrounding people from many potentially life-threatening chemicals and diseases. Take a look below at the necessary protection and decontamination processes it takes to deal with, dispose of and clean up dangerous properties such as the Ebola disease.

Personal Protection

To remove something like Ebola from an area, the process is simple. A Phoenix biohazard cleanup company would begin by thoroughly protecting themselves.  Any scene cleaning company that doesn’t properly prepare before an inspection or disinfection, should not be considered for hire.  No chances are taken with companies like Advanced Bio Solutions in Phoenix. Items like the following are essential pieces of protective equipment worn and used by infectious waste cleanup professionals and Hazmat-trained experts:

  • A respirator, which helps to lessen odor and clear out contaminates
  • A hazmat suit, fastened closed and taped in a strategic manner to protect skin and anything under the suit from any contaminated particles
  • Layers of gloves, such as sterile gloves beneath exterior gloves
  • Boots

AZ Ebola Protection & Decontamination

After making sure each technician is thoroughly and properly protected, steps are taken to make sure every possible surface – some that may not have been actually “touched” by a virus at all – is decontaminated and removed. However, while AZ Ebola does not seem to survive some disinfectant chemical treatment, it is a virus that survives generally easily, so the best way to ensure all areas are thoroughly decontaminated is to burn them. All materials, from blankets to clothes to personal hygiene devices, should be incinerated. Ebola cannot survive over 1500ºF. However, in some states, heating t decontaminate a hazardous areas is illegal. An Arizona infectious disease waste disposal company like Advanced Bio Solutions is aware of local state and federal regulations and would ensure all contaminated materials are properly isolated and transported to designated facilities.  At these southwest locations, anything dangerous is destroyed, disinfected, and kept in a safe environment that is secluded from human contact.

An experienced Phoenix hazardous waste and infectious disease cleanup company understands how to protect themselves and decontaminate a scene or area properly.  These types of professional cleaning companies  deal with dangerous environments and deadly biohazard properties on a consistent basis. Many biohazardous disposal businesses are prepared to deal with such a deadly virus as Ebola if it comes to that point. Aftermath cleaning is a practiced procedure for Advanced Bio Solutions, and aftermath scenarios are taken seriously and handled properly.  Immersing ourselves in the face of many situations and precarious biological materials gives us the experience to handle anything that can jeopardize your safety or well-being in Arizona.

If you have any questions about disease protection, gives us a call for more info.