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Red Bag Medical Waste Management

Posted on 19/02/2015 by Advanced Bio in Blog

Proper medical waste management is important, especially as their are specific government-mandated guidelines that must be followed in every business to avoid the spread of contamination and to protect patients and employees. Proper medical waste management begins with an understanding of what constitutes infectious material and biohazard waste. It involves proper training and knowledge about how to dispose of medical waste and decontaminate any possibly affected areas. But what exactly is infectious waste?

Infectious waste refers to the following properties:

  • Items containing fresh or dried blood
  • Items that came into contact with blood or infectious diseases, such as needles, knives, tubing, towels, gloves lab coats, filters, etc.
  • Blood products such as plasma
  • Isolation wastes, such as excrements and items that have come into contact with these wastes
  • Human or animal tissues, organs or body parts, also known as pathological wastes
  • Surgical wastes such as dressings, sponges, tubes, gloves, etc., especially if they have possibly come into contact with infectious diseases or contaminates
  • Live cultures, viral cultures or other bacteria and the devices used to mix these cultures
  • Laboratory waste
  • Used medical equipment

These types of infectious materials need to be disposed of properly and in very specific steps. Many items need to be disposed of in designated biohazard Red Bags. These bags are for designated medical and biohazard waste properties.

Every facility is required to have their own policies and procedures in place regarding Red Bag medical waste disposal. Generally, the following items need to be disposed of in a Red Bag:

Gloves, tubing, personal protective equipment, bandages, Sharps containers anything saturated with blood, etc.

Red Bag Pickup

There are a few things that generally are not discarded in Red Bags, such as the following:

  • chemical waste
  • radioactive waste
  • food processing waste
  • gas cylinders
  • hazardous waste
  • loose Sharps
  • paper products and other waste that is not infectious

What are Sharps, exactly?

Sharps are items that could pierce or puncture human skin or have been used to puncture human skin. These items include the following:

  • Needles
  • Syringes
  • Scalpels
  • Culture slides
  • Dishes
  • Tubes
  • Broken glass
  • Dental or orthodontic wires

Because Red Bag disposal service is specific to each medical facility, it is wise to hire professionals who are experienced in this type of service. It is simple to rid of medical waste improperly, and procedures need to be set into place, adhered to and followed to ensure proper protection of employees and patients. When procedures are not followed and Phoenix Red Bag medical waste is not disposed of properly, infections can spread. It is important to follow all Red Bag medical waste disposal procedures properly and efficiently.