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what to do when someone dies

When a loved one passes away, the loss can leave you confused, and wondering what your next steps should be. There are so many emotions going on at the time, handling things from a business perspective will probably be the last thing on your mind. Having a resource that guides you through the process can […]

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What Are the Proper Steps of Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal?

Posted on 28/12/2017 by Advanced Bio in Blog

pharmaceutical waste disposal

Hazardous pharmaceutical waste comes with certain risks that require proper disposal. If your healthcare organization disposes of pharmaceuticals inefficiently, you can affect the environment in negative ways. Pharmaceuticals can even end up in the water supply and affect human health through drinking water. This is why the government at federal and state levels has created […]

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crime scene clean up crew

Quality personnel are critical to success in any field, but never more so than with crime scene cleanings. Between the shock of seeing such horrific sites and the high stakes of biohazard remediation, such cleaning isn’t for everyone. Only by finding the most skilled, effective crime scene clean up crew can you carry out such […]

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4 Consequences of Incorrect Hazardous Waste Management

Posted on 19/10/2017 by Advanced Bio in Blog

hazardous waste management

Incorrect procedures of hazardous waste management programs are a nightmare for any company to experience. If left unaddressed, the consequences of mishandling hazardous materials, waste transport, and treatment storage and disposal can quickly add up to significant problems for public human health and the environment. Improper handling of hazardous waste material, however, also hits your […]

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Hazardous waste requires proper handling throughout its lifespan to protect public health and the environment. Learn more about the laws that affect hazardous waste to make sure your hazardous waste disposal sites follow regulations. Laws Affecting Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites Since 1976, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act has governed handling and disposal of hazardous […]

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Benefits of Disposable Syringes

Posted on 20/09/2017 by Advanced Bio in Blog

disposable syringes

The medical community has come a long way since it was first conceived and as such there are now more advances than ever before that help keep patients safe and healthy. Disposable medical products can do more good for keeping patients and the environment healthy than you might ever have imagined and the disposable syringe […]

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How To Properly Manage Dental Clinic Waste Disposal

Posted on 15/09/2017 by Advanced Bio in Blog

dental clinic waste disposal

When it comes to a dental clinic, there is far more to consider than just fixing and cleaning teeth. With the high volume of people that come in and out of a clinic and the high number of individual cases, there is an understandably high amount of waste to deal with. With the right disposal […]

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What is the Cost of Crime Scene Clean Up

Posted on 15/08/2017 by Advanced Bio in Blog

cost of crime scene clean up

Crime scene clean up is something that many people never have to deal with in their lives. For those that do however, there are various costs associated with cleaning up a crime scene efficiently and effectively. Cost can vary across the board from company to company and from crime scene to crime scene. Here are […]

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biohazard waste disposal

When it comes to workplace dangers, few occupations can hold a candle to biohazard disposal. Medical janitors, crime scene workers, and others who have to handle human remains and waste carry out one of the nation’s most important duties, safeguarding the public from an array of potentially deadly health threats. Those same health threats, however, […]

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crime scene clean up

There are a few different ways that you can approach something as delicate as crime scene clean up. For the most part, people tend to want to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. Though doing it yourself might seem like a logical thing, it can also prove to be very difficult. […]

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