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What to Look for With A Forensic Cleaner In Arizona

Posted on 22/10/2014 by Advanced Bio in Blog

Advanced Bio Solutions is a forensic cleaner in Arizona that satisfies the need of crime scene cleanup in the valley. For many years, after police and fireman arrive, families, friends or surrounding people such as landlords or building managers had to take care of the job themselves. Imagine making a tragic discovery and then having to further the trauma by performing what can be a very emotional and potentially dangerous activity. In recent years, private companies have been developed to show up after authorities have been there and clean up after what can be very complicated and sensitive situations. These dedicated, certified professionals are available to perform this task almost immediately after a suicide, unattended death, accident or crime. They are accustomed to situations many of us cannot imagine, and they are there to perform a service that will allow families or friends who are affected to spend their own time focusing on coping and making funeral arrangements.

When seeking a company to perform this task, there are a few things you should keep in mind. It is important, for example, to hire experienced, caring professionals, especially when you or family members are already enduring many emotions and much stress.

What to Look for in a Crime Scene & Forensic Cleaner in Arizona:

Ask the local police or fire department

Chances are, your local police or fire department will be on a friendly basis with many companies who have arrived after they have at trauma scenes. They may not know how much these companies charge, but their opinions can provide insight into the company’s experience and reputation.

Search the internet for companies who are honest, straightforward and who have solid, real reviews. Look for words like “caring,” “experienced” and “efficient.” You don’t want to work with a company who doesn’t understand the sensitivity of the situation or who does a sloppy job. Also, a solid crime and trauma scene cleanup company will not delay arrival to the scene.

Is the forensic cleaning company available immediately?

Again, a solid crime and trauma scene clean up company will be on-call 24/7 and will understand the necessity of attending to a scene as soon as possible. It is absolutely necessary that all contact with you is handled quickly and efficiently, from giving quotes to gathering information to actually arriving to the scene. Make sure the company you desire to work with has these priorities.

Will insurance cover a forensic cleaner in Arizona?

Once you’ve chosen an experienced crime scene cleanup company, ask them if they know if your homeowner’s or life insurance (give them the name) will cover the cleanup costs. If they are experienced, they will most likely know the answer or how to find it out as a part of their service to you. If they do not know, you can contact your insurance company to find out. However, an experienced cleanup company should be able to help you find out what you need to know.  Advanced Bio Solutions is one forensic cleaner in Arizona that doesn’t mind handling insurance claims and adjusters for you.

Make sure the forensic cleaning company follows state and federal regulations

The United States has many regulations put into place to protect people from bloodborne pathogens and diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis. The company you hire to cleanup after a traumatic event must follow all state and federal regulations and be properly trained and certified. Ask if each technician is OSHA-certified and has Bloodborne Pathogen Certification in order to handle Phoenix medical waste and other hazardous materials. Other certifications to ask about include Crime and Trauma Scene Decontamination Specialization, Respiratory Protection Training, Personal Protective Equipment Training, Fall Protection Training, Hazard Communication Training and Lock/Tag Out Training. All of these are in accordance with various local and federal regulations and laws.

What about restoration?

Depending on the event, many traumatic events will require that portions of a home, vehicle or business must be renovated, restored, repainted or full of different types of replacements. Many crime scene clean up companies will not do the actual restoration work but work with other specialized, certified companies who will.  Advanced Bio Solutions is a forensic cleaning company that specializes in Phoenix bio restoration. If this is necessary part of the process, be sure that your cleanup company can help you, and again, be sure that homeowner’s insurance will cover any extra restoration work.

Hazardous and Infectious Waste Disposal

This is a very important area to remember. After the cleanup process, all hazardous waste must be disposed of properly and following all state and federal regulations. Hazardous waste can be a part of any area of the scene itself, so almost everything cleaned up falls under this category. Does the forensic cleaner in Arizona follow these regulations, ensuring the transport and delivery of such waste to certified, legally responsible facilities? Do they promise to thoroughly and safely decontaminate every part of the scene during and after cleanup? Do they provide and ensure odor removal? Be sure to consider all of these areas and ask your company these questions before paying anyone any money.  Allow Advanced Bio Solutions the opportunity to satisfy all of your Phoenix biohazard remediation needs.

Why this is important to know a good forensic cleaner in Arizona today?

Tragic events occur at unexpected times, so understanding how a crime scene forensic cleaner in Arizona can help you through trauma is useful to know. Many large companies will take advantage of families or friends experiencing great stress and will charge people thousands of dollars in completely unnecessary fees. You don’t want to be taken advantage of at any time, much less at such a difficult one.

If you have any questions about forensic cleaning in Arizona, contact us for a quote.