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5 Reasons to Outsource Medical Waste Management

Posted on 20/01/2015 by Advanced Bio in Blog

There are quite a few reasons why you should outsource your company’s medical waste management procedures. One of the wisest reasons is that professional Phoenix med waste disposal companies are aware of all of the specific, local and federal guidelines regarding medical waste disposal, biohazard cleanup and decontamination procedures. The laws regarding these procedures can change sometimes, as well, depending on legislation or current situations with dangerous diseases. Medical companies, whether doctor’s offices, dentist offices or pharmaceutical facilities, have their own procedures in place regarding hazardous materials, but as legislation and technologies change, so can the procedures these facilities are required by law to follow. Below are 5 reasons to outsource your medical waste management:

1. OSHA Guidelines

The Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) lays out very specific guidelines and steps to follow regarding medical waste disposal, bloodborne pathogens, SHARPS disposal, and workplace contamination. These guidelines are in place to protect workers from injury and workplaces from dealing with the aftermath of contamination. Not only do medical, dental and pharmaceutical labs and facilities want to protect their workers and patients from injury, illness and decontamination, but they want to remain in business and continue to offer services. The United States Government takes OSHA guidelines very seriously, especially as they apply to bloodborne pathogens and infectious properties. When you hire a Phoenix medical waste disposal professional, you want to hire professionals who are aware of these guidelines and who adhere to them at all types of businesses.

2. Infectious Properties

Regarding medical facilities, the government requires that all employees receive and become certified in bloodborne pathogen training, which includes handling and disposing of any materials relating to human or animal blood. Human blood can carry many types of very dangerous, infectious properties, including hepatitis B & C and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Medical facilities are required to have in place an exposure control plan to which all employees are trained to follow. This plan must include how an employer will implement control methods to protect employees, such as personal protective clothing and equipment, surveillance, training, vaccinations, signs and labels. All employees must be educated of this plan and trained in each procedure. Once employees receive this type of training, they are not always required to receive other types of protective training – these laws vary per state and per type of business. The employees of a Phoenix biohazard waste cleanup company, however, are trained in various types of infectious property management. You want to hire a company that is not only trained in bloodborne pathogens but in crime and trauma scene cleanup, hazard communication, respiratory communication and other regulatory compliance training.

3. SHARPS Disposal Phoenix

Sharps include anything used in a medical or dental facility with a point that could puncture skin, such as needles, syringes, knives, lancets or insulin pens. Sharps are potentially very dangerous and require a very specific set of disposal steps, including designated waste bins. Infectious diseases can live on a sharp for over 7 days, which means decontamination and proper storage/disposal is imperative. If a sharp is disposed of in a standard trash, anyone can have access to it – but especially a sanitation worker, who may have to remove the item by hand when the trash arrives to the waste facility. Your company needs to be protected from SHARPS contamination, which means you need to have specific training to handle and dispose of them in addition to designated waste bins on your facility. An Arizona SHARPS disposal company can provide these for you, in addition to experience.

4. Improving Safeguards

A company that is experienced in medical waste disposal can provide training to your company and its employees. Besides the standard training your medical company may require for employees, a company such as Advanced Bio Solutions can provide education regarding proper hygienic treatment of all types of facilities that produce biohazard waste. All employees need to be educated of toxic waste disposal, proper sanitation procedures, proper protection procedures, personal protective equipment usage and development of guidelines and actions that are specific to your industry and waste disposal needs. The toxic waste that a dental facility produces, for example, is different than the biohazard waste produced by a company that manufacturers blood thinning medications. You want strong safeguards within your company.

5. Streamlining Medical Waste Disposal Operations

Medical waste disposal operations can be costly, timely and of course, dangerous. An Arizona med waste pickup company can be a wise investment for your business. Medical waste professionals have the right equipment, protection, procedures and relationships in place to dispose of medical waste properly and safely. When you implement these procedures with your company yourself,  you are putting your employees and clients at potential risk and you also have to factor in transportation costs to designated facilities.